Everyone Likes Classical Music


I’ve seen several tweets lately on Twitter, and posts on Google Plus suggesting that everyone likes classical music, they just don’t know it yet.  While I’m inclined to agree, to a point,  I’d like to paraphrase that by saying everyone likes some classical music.  It’s been a part of all our lives for years.  Television shows, movies and even commercials have used this music for a long time.  Often we don’t even realise it is classical music.  We just know it sounds good.  One of my favourite examples of this is an ad that used to run from a bread company called Hovis.  They had a gorgeous piece of music in the background that I always loved.  I have no idea if Hovis still run those ads as I haven’t been in Britain for almost nine years.  I hope they do, though. Here’s an example:


I’m not one to watch commercials, but when this came on I would make an exception and watch, just for the music.  I had no idea what the music was called or where it came from.  But now I’m into classical music I found out it’s part of Dvorak’s Synphony No 9.  It’s even more beautiful when you kisten to it in its proper context..


Even old television shows use classical music.  For instance, did you know the Lone Ranger theme is a classical piece? 


When it comes to classical music it seems there are two popular misconcetions:


1. It’s for old fogeys.   Yet I’m seeing that more people in their 20’s and 30’s are getting turned onto classical music.  It seems to be a growing trend, especially as modern pop music is pretty bad these days, in my opinion.  I’m not saying it’s all bad but if you listen to mainstream radio you have to wade through more garbage to get to the good stuff.  In classical music there is no garbage.  I haven’t heard one tune that doesn’t sound at least good, if not great.  And tell me this music is just for old fogeys…


Notice how all the players are young.  I love this video.  I watch it all the time.


2. It’s slow and boring.  I agree that not every classical music tune is fantastic, there are some that indeed are slow and boring.  To me.  Although others might love them.  It’s all down to personal taste, after all.  But listen to the William Tell Overture, or Beethoven’s 5th symphony, or Tchaikovski’s 1812 Overture and tell me they’re slow and boring.  My point is whatever style of music you’re into, you won’t like every tune, every song.  So you shouldn’t expect to like every single piece of classical music you hear.  I know I don’t.  But the difference is none of it sounds bad, unlike a lot of modern pop music.  If you’re curious to at least give it a try I’d suggest you do what I did.  Go to YouTube and search for popular classical music.  I bet you’ll be surprised at how many of them you know. After listening to those, I wanted to hear more.  I sought out individual composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovski, Chopin.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed listening to them.  I became passionate about the music.  I can’t stop listening to it.  Yet a couple of weeks ago I had no interest in classical music.  Not because I thought it boring or horrible, or just for old people, I just hadn’t really given it much thought.  Once I truly listened to it I realised I actually love it.

I guarantee you will find music to suit every mood.  Happy?  Sad?  Angry?  Depressed?  Triumphant?  There’s a piece of classical music for that.