The Triumph of the Human Spirit

Every now and then you come across something so inspirational it changes your whole mindset.  And since I’ve taken a keen interest in classical music, I’ve seen and heard a lot of inspiring things. But here is a young man who is blind, but plays the piano so beautifully you would never guess it.

Videos like this show that the human spirit can not only endure, but can actually thrive in the most trying conditions.  Although he can’t even see the keyboard, Nobuyuki plays the piano faultlessly. 

As a type two diabetic, one of my greatest fears is going blind.  Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness.  Just the idea of not being able to see where I’m going terrifies me.  Not to mention the idea of not being able to read. Yet here is one individual who not only learned to llive with his disability, but he has been able to thrive despite it.


Nobuyuki, you are an inspiration to us all.