A Muscial Voyage Of Discovery


I’m continuing my journey of discovery in the world of classical music.  It really is becoming something of an obsession.  I even joined a meetup group today for classical music lovers.  I’m hoping to go to some concerts in the coming months.  I discovered another composer I really like in Dvorak.  Now I’m going to seek out more of his work.  It was suggested that I try his Symphony No 9 and I did.  It was wonderful.  There’s a piece of music in the second movement that a bread company called Hovis used to use in one of their commercials in England, my home country.  I always loved that piece of music but never realized it was classical.  It goes to show, many people actually like classical music without even knowing it.  I’m exploring the music on YouTube as well as the internet radio station, Pandora.  The good thing about Pandora is it plays the music randomly so I get to hear music I might never have heard because I wouldn’t know to go look for it.

I’m still waiting anxiously to get my first classical cd’s.  We’ve been stuck at home since last Wednesday because of snow and ice.  We tried to go out last night but the car kept getting stuck.  I dug out a lot of ice today so tomorrow we’re off out.  Hopefully we’ll get to B&N because I have a B&N card that i’m longing to use.  The upside of this is I have more time to listen to classical music, and more time to work out what cd’s I want.  Working from home is a good thing at times like this. 

Oh, I also heard a piece of music from Strauss today that I really liked.  On The Beautiful Blue Danube.  I knew the tune but hadn’t known the name of it or who composed it.  What a beautiful tune.  That’s another composer I have to check out for more.  And I haven’t started on Brahms, Liszt, Vivaldi, Ravel (though I love Bolero!) and so many others.  I’ve listened to some of Bach’s music and liked what I heard so far.  There’s just so much new music waiting to be discovered.  Well, I meant new to me.  But you knew that, didn’t you? 😉  Now I think I know what it feels like to be a kid locked in a candy store.

One last note, I know a lot of writers discuss what music they listen to when writing.  I never really had anything until now.  But with the wealth of incredible classical music out there I should find music to suit whatever mood I want to invoke in my writing. 

And to anyone who thinks classical music is boring or old fashioned, maybe you just haven’t listened to the right ones yet.  There is such a variety of music to choose from.  Light and airy, bold and brassy, tranquil, sad, angry you name it.  There’s a piece of classical music to suit every emotion you can think of.


8 thoughts on “A Muscial Voyage Of Discovery

  1. Now that you’ve been listening to all this classical music, I’d recommend taking a look at the Unbegun Symphony, by “PDQ Bach”. See how many themes in the symphony you’ll recognize.

  2. Hey thanks for liking my joke the other day. I thought I’d check out your blog too. Like your musical voyage of discovery. If you’re interested check out my blog in more detail. It’s all about classical music for wind band. I plan to make it the central hub of information so there’s not much content yet but it’s going to grow.

    Wind bands and their music have become popular since the 50’s and I encourage anyone who’s wanting to discover more about classical music to check it out. The first two pieces I have posted so far are beautiful.

    Generally wind band music is melodic, bright, vibrant and very easy to listen to compared to some other contemporary classical music. It’s definitely worth looking into so have a listen and let me know what you think!

    Keep going with the musical voyage of discovery, I’m always on the sea myself so it’s great to see other people sailing.

    • To be honest, wind bands have been around since the Baroque Era. Large wind bands only became commonplace during the French Revolution, and at that time, wind bands were mostly connected with the military. As time went on, towns and colleges began to make their own wind bands (which were oftentimes made up of veterans from the military bands).

      As far as America is concerned, wind bands actually became popular with the general public after the Civil War, mostly since both sides had used bands to recruit/entertain troops. As I mentioned before, a lot of veterans after the war formed their own wind bands. These bands frequently went on tour, which was pivotal in getting wind bands into the public eye. John Philip Sousa was one person in particular who made wind bands extremely popular (and most of his band music was written in the late 1800s)…touring bands did decline over time, however, due to the invention/use of the radio…

      I suppose I’m trying to say that in general, I disagree with your notion that wind band music have only been popular since the 1950s (if I understood your post correctly, of course). Wind bands have been a staple of Western culture for a couple hundred years, at least.

      • Thanks for reading my post. I have read up on wind band history Sousa, Gilmore etc and my history page is being written at the moment. I think what I meant to say is that even though they were around for years the amount of original music for band has really grown exponentially since the 50’s and Frederick Fennell and Eastman Wind Ensemble.

        In addition it seems to have a been a breaking away point from the other types of classical music into it’s own distinct sub genre. That’s the feeling I get from all the wind band music I’ve played.

        Previously the repertoire seems to be limited to mostly arrangements and transcriptions. From what I’ve gathered, wind bands became more popular in the late 1800’s but Sousa was mostly known for his marches so hardly a wide repertoire.

        I admit I don’t know nearly enough about the background, history of wind band music, one of the reasons why I started this blog, to find out. Infomation on the subject is very scarce and even then it just has vague references to music, it’s more about the bands themselves. I want to know about the music itself. Thanks for replying. I will be chopping and changing my pages. It’s still new so I’m going to be constantly moulding it. I want my blog to be the ultimate central hub of information for all things wind band music related and I’m finding out new stuff all the time so it will keep getting better.

      • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, okay…I see where you’re going now. I agree with you 150% regarding the amount of original music growing exponentially in the 50s. 🙂

      • I’m not the most articulate person at times, I’m working on it. By the way if you know any good wind band music/composers please send me a link or an email and i’ll check it out. I don’t know enough yet so I’m always on the lookout for cool pieces!

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