Happy Birthday Doctor Who!


I am a huge Doctor Who fan.  I have been since I was six years old.  I won’t say how long ago that was.  But I will say Tom Baker was my first Doctor.  I guess that’s kind of a hint…

So, this is a big week for us Doctor Who fans.  You could say it’s been fifty years in the making.  Yep, Doctor Who is fifty years old this week.  Making it the longest running sci-fi show in history.  And this Saturday, the 23rd november, marks the show’s 50th birthday.  Happy birthday, Doctor!  you don’t look a year over 900!

I follow a lot of Doctor Who fans on Twitter.  Some are of the old guard, like me.  Others came in for the new series.  I’ve noticed certain trends among Who fans on Twitter.  Some still bemoan the departure of David Tennant.  Others are unhappy because the next actor to play the role is going to be an older actor.  Newsflash:  All the Doctor Who actors in the Classic series were older men.  When Peter Davison took over the role as the 5th Doctor, the media were complaining he was TOO YOUNG!  How times change.  Ok, so Peter Capaldi is not a young pretty boy.  He’s still a good actor and I’m sure he’ll bring something special to the role. Much as I will miss Matt Smith, I’m looking forward to seeing what Capaldi has to offer. If anything, perhaps the show will calm down a bit now and stop with the endless running around.  As much as I love the New series, I do miss some things about the way Classic Who used to work. 

I just want to say that as a long time Doctor Who fan I’m used to the constant changes that go with the show.  The hardest one for me to adjust to was the departure of Tom Baker.  Apart from the fact he was my first Doctor, he was also the longest running Doctor in the show’s entire 50 year history.  And he was, in my opinion, the best actor to play the role. He played the Doctor for six years. Through most of my childhood.  In all my years of following the show, one thing I have learned is that no actor is bigger than the show. And I mean NO actor.  Not Tom Baker.  Not David Tennant.  And not Matt Smith.  As much as I will miss him, I will be ready for the next incarnation. 

In its fifty years, Doctor Who has been blessed with some truly remarkable actors playing the title role.  Every one of them has been replaced by a quality actor, stepping up to fill the shoes of the previous actor.  I am confident that Peter Capaldi will not disappoint.  Any true Doctor Who fan will accept and welcome the new actor.  The king is dead.  Long live the king.

Whatever else happens, the show will go on. And on.  And on.  Here’s to the next fifty years of travelling in the TARDIS.


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