Six Million Dollar Fan

Yes, it’s time I outed myself.  I am a HUGE Six Million Dollar Man fan.  And The Bionic Woman.  I mean the Classic Bionic Woman series, not that train wreck of an attempt of a reboot.

These shows played a huge part in my childhood.  Even though they ended when I was only ten.  And with that, I’ve given away my age!  Never mind.  Even though the show ended so early in my life, I have such vivid memories of watching the show.  I love everything about both shows.  Yes, even those cheesy bionic sounds.  They might be cheesy today, but they are FUN!  The cast was top notch.  Lee Majors and Lyndsay Wagner were fantastic in their roles.  As was Richard Anderson as Oscar Goldman.  Just fantastic.  And the intro to the show is without doubt the BEST intro to a show ever. 

In case anyone who reads this hasn’t heard of these shows, a brief description is in order.  In SMDM, Lee Majors plays the role of an astronaut called Steve Austin, who is almost killed when a plane he was test flying, crashes.  He loses two legs, his right arm and his left eye.  It just happens that a secret government agency are in need of someone they can rebuild using a new technology called bionics.  And Steve fits the bill perfectly.  The pilot is a made-for-tv movie.  It’s much darker than the series goes on to be, but it’s an excellent psychological study.  Steve isn’t too happy when he wakes up after a series of operations and finds out what’s been done to him.  He feels like a freak and it takes a while for him to come to terms with being bionic.  Before the series proper starts, there are two further movies, Wine, Women and War, and Solid Gold Kidnapping.  Both movies are just ok but when we get to the series proper things really take off.  The show ran for five years in the mid 70’s and it even spawned a spin-off when Steve reconnects with an old flame, called Jaime Sommers.  They fall in love and set a date to get married.  Then one day they go sky diving.  Jaime is almost killed when her chute gets tangled up.  She shatters her legs, an arm and an ear.  And guess what?   She goes on to become the Bionic Woman.  And gets her own show.  Both shows work really well and they even get to work together in several cross-over episodes.  I kind of put the two shows together in my head and call them my second favourite show.  My first favourite is Doctor Who.  Nothing can ever top that show in my heart, but the Bionic series’ manage to run it a close second.  I have all three Bionic Woman seriest on dvd and the first three series of Six Million Dollar Man.  Season four comes out next month and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  It has my all time favourite episode: The Death Probe.  One of the episodes I vividly remember watching in my childhood.  Some shows you love as a child, can make you cringe when you watch them again as an adult.  That never happened with these two Bionic shows.  I love them as much now as I did when I was a child.  In fact, I probably love them more now as I can appreciate aspects of both shows that I might never have noticed as a child.  So what shows did you love as a child?  And do they still hold up now as you watch them as an adult?


These shows hark back to the golden age of television, when the networks were creative and adventurous and not afraid to take a risk.  And best of all the stink of so called Reality television hasn’t reared its ugly head.  While there are a few pretty good shows out now, Once Upon A Time is one of my fave current series, and now two new shows have started, Blacklist and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and both look very promising.  But Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman will always have a special place in my heart.


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