I’m Getting My Mojo Back

I created this blog mainly to promote my work-in-progress, Psychic Witness.  I’m stuck in editing hell at the moment.  It’s a slog and I keep going off the boil.  I have to admit it’s been a while since I did anything with it.  Then this afternoon, while browsing through Twitter looking at things completely unrelated to writing, I came on a tweet that shared a link to a writer’s blog.  I read that blog.  Then I read another blog.  They were mainly about creating tension and how to create a great antagonist.  Talk about a kick up the butt!  Just reading those two blogs filled me with inspiration and suddenly writing is sexy again!  Now I can’t wait to boot up my laptop and open my work-in-progress.  I have some new ideas on how to ratchet up the suspense.  Things happen for a reason.  I think I was meant to read that blog today.

I know most of my blogs lately have been about health and about shakes that lower your blood sugar.  I’m still working with that and still having success.  But my focus on this blog is going to shift back to what I created this account for.  My writing.  And for interacting with other writers.  Because sometimes we lose our passion and when we do, we need our fellow writers to help us steer us back on track.

So, to you other writers out there on WordPress.  How do you keep the magic alive?


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