Doctor Who and the Re-arranged Heads Mystery

“Come along, Pond.” The Doctor dashed out the door.

Amy Pond glared at his retreating back. Sometimes the Doctor could be too full of energy, even for her to keep up with. Not bad for a nine hundred plus year old man. “Where are we, anyway?”

The Doctor turned to face her. “I honestly have no idea. But isn’t that where the fun comes in?”

“Fun. Like getting chased by Daleks or Cybermen?” If that was the Doctor’s idea of fun then Amy was ready for a week in Bognor. “Rory, where the hell are ye?”

“I’m coming.” Rory stumbled out of the TARDIS.

Amy stared at her husband. For a one time Roman and 2000 year old hero, he sure could be clumsy sometimes. She finally turned to take in her surroundings. “Woah.” Twenty feet away from her the ground just disappeared. She walked to the edge and looked down. A long way down. A wave of vertigo swept over her, forcing her to take a few steps back.

The Doctor was standing at the very edge, looking straight down. “Interesting.”

“Yeah, very interesting. Couldn’t someone have installed a staircase or something?”

The Doctor shot her a scornful look. “Stairs, Pond? Stairs? Don’t tell me the Girl Who Waited is afraid of heights.”

Amy looked down. “I am, actually.” She cringed inside. She hated showing any weakness in front of the Doctor. Or in front of her husband. Rory had done time as a Roman Centurion, and the Doctor didn’t seem to be afraid of anything.

The Doctor leaned perilously over. Something had caught his attention. Amy shuddered as she imagined him plunging to his death, leaving them stranded on this planet. Whatever planet they were on. Still, there was something familiar about the place. Had she been here before?

“That’s strange.” The Doctor suddenly disappeared from view.

Amy screamed and rushed to the edge. She knelt down and cautiously peered over the edge. “Doctor?”

“I’m here,” the Doctor said, from just a few feet below, making Amy squeak in fright. He was hanging off the edge. His feet found a ledge and he let go. “This is very interesting. And a bit weird.”

“What is?”

The Doctor looked at her. “You still don’t know where we are, do you?”

Amy shrugged. “Should I?”

“Well, I guess not really. I mean it isn’t in your country. But it is your world.”

That was a relief. So there shouldn’t be any monsters coming to terrorize them. Right? “Where are we, then?”

“See the way that rock curves over there? It looks like a giant domed head, right?”

Amy looked to where the Doctor was pointing, just off to his left. She saw what he meant. “Yeah. So?”

“And see the way those other rocks curve, too?”

He was right. They looked like a row of four heads. Amy tried to think where she had seen something like that before. Then it occurred to her. “Wait. Are you saying we’re on top of Mount..”


Amy glared at her husband. She hated when he did that. And he seemed to do it far too often. She looked back at the domed rocks. “But they don’t look right. There’s something off about them.”

The Doctor saw what she meant. “You know, you’re right. Something’s very wrong. We need another perspective.” He hauled himself back up and strode back to the TARDIS. “Come along, Ponds.”

Amy sighed. He was far too fond of saying that. She hurried after him. “Where are we going now?”

They all piled into the TARDIS. The door closed and with a loud wheezing groaning sound, the TARDIS slowly faded from sight, leaving no indication that it had ever been there. Seconds later the sound returned, coming from a different location. The blue police box re-appeared. This time in mid-air. The door opened and the Doctor poked his head out.

Amy scrunched her head out, peeking from under the Doctor’s shoulder. She squeaked with fright again, then glared up at him. “What part of ‘fear of heights’ don’t you understand?”

“Well, all of it really. Anyway, you’re quite safe here. The TARDIS won’t let you fall.” He finally gave his full attention to the stone heads of Mount Rushmore. “That’s not right!”

Amy looked to see what he was talking about. She gasped.

There were four stone heads as usual. But that’s where the similarity ended. Instead of four human heads, these heads had blank round eyes, narrow slits for mouths and jug handles that stuck out of each side of the heads, looking something like tea pot handles. There was something familiar about them, but they looked different enough that Amy couldn’t be sure what she was seeing. “What are they?”

“Cybermen.” All humour was gone from his voice now. Amy had never seen him look so serious.

Rory spoke up: “But they don’t look anything like the Cybermen we’ve encountered.”

“That’s because these are a different breed. These Cybermen are older, more primitive.”

Amy looked at the Doctor, not liking the grim look in his eyes. When he was this disturbed, things were about to get very hairy. “But how can their heads be here. What does this mean?”

The Doctor sighed. “It means trouble. It quite likely means that somehow the Cybermen have invaded Earth. It means we’ve got to stop them.”

“How?” Amy knew the Doctor would sort things out. He always did. Somehow.

“I have a plan.” He stepped back.

Rory followed behind them. As he always did. “Would you care to let us in on your plan?”

“Of course, Rory the Roman. As soon as I know what it is.”

Amy rolled her eyes. “Here we go again.”

The TARDIS groaned and wheezed. And disappeared. The Doctor and his companions were off to save the Earth once more.


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